Monday, September 1, 2008

First day of kindergarten!!!

OH my goodness!! My lil' girl is in school.....does that mean among other things that I am getting older??......and so is she :(. It's amazingly crazy how fast the time goes! This is a huge milestone for me and for any Mommy and especially for the lil' wee one's.. (that aren't so wee anymore). I did not shed any tears, like I hear some mommies do (bless your hearts). Because my darling daughter is so independent she was not scared at all but in fact counting down the days, she especially wanted to ride the bus. Because, of this enthusiasm I too was excited for her!
So, I decided to start some traditions like School shopping as mommy and daughter day including lunch at her choice establishment in which she chose the refined and elegant Mcdonalds and she also, got her fingernails painted. So groovy!
On the BIG day she woke up bright and early to her favorite breakfast of french toast and got ready with joy to my reluctance she rode the bus.....and then like any crazy, loving mother would do, I followed it.....I even snuck up on her before school started. where she was playing on the playground like it was any other day. She looked up for a split second and said "oh Hi Mom!" and continued on playing.........I took my que and walked away and ok, maybe at that momnet I shed a little tear, but my heart was full of joy!

all up in stitches!!!

Poor Trin.....It's written all over her face!! Here is the scoop this trajedy wouldn't haven't have happened if she stayed in her bed through the night! On occassion Chris and I wake up with a munchkin right in between us that wasn't there when we went to bed?? Trin likes to sneak in our room in the middle of the night this not so fun night she tip toed in and tripped right onto the corner of our bed and slit her cheek open and 5 stitches later.......

Goodbye to summer 2008...

Though it is HOT outside it seems once the new school year begins its goodbye to splashing and picnics at the splash pad, so long to hanging out and climbing trees, no more sipping water from the stream, climbing rocks and scraping your knee, farewell to bake sales at the park and popsicles melting down your face, no more playing outside till it gets dark, put away the swimsuits you wore all summer from hanging out at the city pool and staying in them all day, the grasshoppers will no longer jump away after much relentess chase,we'll miss the movies at the park, the slip n' slide is put away,goodbye to camping and fishig and all the bugs that were my playmates.....goodbye summer of 2008 it was a good one!!


We went up to Pine Valley and camped out with our dear friends the Hurds...we had sooo much fun! We went fishing while we were up was so funny to watch the kids fish with the lil' fishing poles....they didn't catch anything but, that didn't matter a bit cause they caught a dragonfly and that was sooo cool!!

Girls just wanna have FUN!!

My BFF Amie Carlos and her darling daughter mayah, who Trinity considers to be her BFF (so cute!!) went on a girls rendevous to vegas where we stayed in a castle (Excalibur of course!) We had tons of fun fit for the princesses we are!! we went shopping, dined out, indulged at the candy store, pillow fights! (the lil girls did anyway or maybe they just jumped on the bed!?), swimming (we snuck into the awesome Mandalay bay pool like master cons... sshhhh don't tell anyone...and I know what kind of example I am not!I'm working on it! it was sooo worth it!),went to breakfast in our jammies, girls nite out sushi and before we hit the road the girls got their very own manicures!!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Lil' violinist.....

Trinity recently got to decide if she wanted to play an instrument and she decided on a violin!!! We went and purchased one at this interesting store that also carries food storage and paintball supplies. She was truly excited about her violin and learning to play! She has been taking lessons for over a month and we have been trying so hard to be consistent with practicing (which is a really hard task for me, if you know me u know I'm the least consistent person among other things...) I am starting to think about my babies futures and all the experiences I want them to have and the people they have the capacity to be. Violin lessons is just a stepping stone to so much more....whether it be trinity decides its not for her and figures out what is or becoming a really amazing violinist.....only time will tell!! For now I am really enjoying watching her learn.......I think she is enjoying learning too!

WE WENT TO HAWAII-eeeeee!!!!!!

Can I say "VACA-SH-ION" and "MUCH NEEDED"!!!! Heck yes!! Chris and I went on our first vacation without lil' tots since our honeymoon and we went to ring in our SIX year anniversary.........It was amazing to get away and look at eachother and laugh at eachother and just reconnect! I have to admit I missed my babies like crazy and there were many of conversations focused around them and yes a couple tears with thoughts of them......but, I focused and had myself......I mean OURSELVES a good ole'time!!!!YEEEE-HAWWWWW and yes we did go Horseback riding through a hawaiian jungle, kayaking with the sharks....or I mean we were scared of a possible encounter with a shark, snorkeling with the coolest dude crush turtles, tanned on the black sands, went to three movies (luxury!), ate delicious fresh sushi almost daily, body boarded massive waves with a local that sounded like raffiki from lion king, drank kava-kava from coconut shells (tastes like dirt but, relaxing side effects).........We definitley made the most of our alone time. We also, made a pack to try and get away at least once a year to wherever just the two of us. It was such an invetsment in our marriage and soooo worth it!!! I wuv my studdly husband!!!!